above: Uzes, France. Santiago Rivera.
below: Rajasthan State, India. Jay Priebe.


  1. Santi, I like how the curve of the barrels is echoed in the curve of the ceiling. The light is lovely.

    Jay, This photo is amazing! (In your bio you said something about travel putting you in places where you could photograph the unexpected. Nice!) I love the silhouette of the people behind the camel. Was this shot taken at dawn or at sundown?

  2. I like how the curves from Santi's shot are echoed in the curve of the camel's back and the particularly in the curve of the twilight in Jay's shot. The twilight also has the same tones as the lighting in Santi's shot. I really love this pairing.

  3. I'm just peeved that Jay got the camel shot. Do you have any idea of how many camel shots I have??? Love from Arabia, Jocelyn.

  4. Joc- you could probably publish a book on camels! :)


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