Guest Photographers

Carlos Díaz Barriga, Student. Monterrey, Mexico. Carlos, 21, is a Libra who enjoys long walks on the beach and likes to cozy up by the fireplace (if he had one) to read a book. He's half regio and half chilango. He enjoys spending his time reading, writing, painting, listening to music, drawing, looking for Britney's latest mishaps online, and, obviously, taking pictures. He loves watching a good reality show; he's probably seen all of them (yes, that includes Paula Abdul's "Hey Paula"). His perfect day would be a brunch in New York City with Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Augusten Burroughs, Kathy Griffin, and David and Amy Sedaris. His dreams include running his own entertainment magazine, living in London, working as a cameraman on Rock of Love, and writing a book. His life has been quite… a whirlwind.

Camila Garcia, Student. New Haven, Connecticut, USA. I have recently become addicted to crossword puzzles even though I'm not very good at them. I wish I could travel more than I did. I have a sweet tooth and I love my grandmother's strawberry pie. In fact, I love anything my grandmother cooks. I can read Franny and Zooey twenty times over and never get tired of it. I miss having my crazy family and friends around me so I take millions of pictures of them and put them up all over my room. Dancing is my preferred form of exercise and I do so constantly - on stage, at parties and on random street corners. I think that snail mail is fantastic and people should use it more often and that "sweet sweetness" is a wonderful phrase. I think spontaneity is a good thing. Finally, I have decided to study something within the realms of science, but my passion for the arts will never subside.

April Johnson, Teacher Librarian, Waxahachie, Texas, USA. I always have my nose in a book so it was inevitable that after 10 years of teaching I became a librarian. Currently a traveling librarian, I dream of the day when I will have just one school instead of three. I love trivia and board games as well TV and movies. When I am not reading, I enjoy dabbling in photography and playing my great uncle's violin.

Yukiko Yoshimatsu, Student, Tokyo, Japan. What can I say about myself? I’m Japanese with the heart and personality of a Mexican. I was born in Mexico City and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, I attend ICU Japan and am living life to the fullest as a college student (just like that song “I Love College” by Asher Roth; however not entirely like it). When you get to know me personally, the first thing you will obviously notice is my passion for movies and my life-long dream of becoming a movie director. I also enjoy photography due to its amazing capabilities to let the photographer capture the beauty of something ordinary or extraordinary in numerous viewpoints and make that simple thing artistic and memorable. Apart from my obsession on movies and photography, you’ll find me as a person who is very chilled, relaxed, and open-minded.