above: St.Petersburg, Russia. Annie Dow.
below: Portillo, Chile. Jhan Graether.


  1. Annie, I absolutely love the sepia toned photo. I have a feeling that the sky actually looked like that since I think I can see a hint of blue in and amongst the clouds.
    Jhan, I can't believe you live where these mountains are... it is hot/wet/flat here.

  2. This is a great pairing, I think. These shots seem like the same photo to me, except that they are totally different. The lines are the same - the angle of the boat and it's gangplank match the angle of the mountain on the left. On the right, the bow of the second ship sits in the same position as the second mountain. The sky occupies almost the same part of the photo, and the reflections off the water surface have a similar presence. The sun edging around the bow of that boat matches the lens flare coming out of blue sky. Both photos also feel sort of monochromatic - one in blues, one in yellow-golds. Great photos individually; stunning together. Or else it's just me.

  3. It's not just you, DP. You just said it better than I could have. I wish I had taken your photog class at ASFM. I was thinking the same thing about how much the same the two photos are. The boat is the mountain and vice versa. It almost looks like the photographers made a plan to make the same photo.

  4. The balance these two photos share in terms of where they carry their weight is uncanny...

  5. Two different images about immensity & vastness.


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