above: Rock Falls, Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd.
below: New York, New York, USA. Lucia Mijares.


  1. I love this one!

    It makes think about the resilience of the natural environment, and the contrast is so stark between the situation of the plants in both pictures that it sortof provides for great commentary on the whole environmental debate.

    if that made any sense :)

  2. It did make sense. This pairing made me think about how many of our decorations are an imitation of something natural. Christmas lights here are like dew drops in sunlight (although I had never thought of them that way before). But we also have spray snow and Christmas tree icicles.

    On another note, I like looking at the skyscraper on it's side. An interesting perspective.

  3. DP, you are messing with us. Putting skyscrapers on their sides!

  4. Joc, he is completely messing with us!

    Happy 14th day of pairings, 14 Lenses!


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