above: Florence, Italy. Monna McDiarmid.
below: Paris, France. Santiago Rivera.


  1. Both of these fine photographs have strong lines of tension. In Monna’s, the eye is drawn in and along, from left to right, on the edges of the wooden trim. While in Santiago's, the white lines pull the viewer's focus into the center from the circumference of the outer circle. Two well-framed photos; well-paired.

  2. I just think it's about sending a message to the Virgin.

  3. or one of the angels...and it'd say, this child's heavy...gimme a hand. thanxz.


  4. I am tickled by the idea that it's a celestial mailbox.

    When I consider these photos together, I become aware of the endurance of some physical things, of the permanence of objects that outlive humans. How many letters have been dropped into this mailbox? By, and for, people no longer alive? How many people have stopped to look at this Virgin Mary, to say a quick prayer for a child or financial stability or help with a relationship? This pairing is a good reminder that, ultimately, we are all just passing through and we'd better make our time count.


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