above: Aguilar, Dr. Arroyo, Mexico. Stacey Lindbloom.
below: Lima, Peru. Jay Priebe.


  1. I like how each of these photos were taken thousands of miles apart - but if they didn't have a place right under it, I could have sworn that that horse was right around the church plaza!

  2. This is a lovely pairing. For me, the magic is in the push-pull of opposite actions portrayed.

    I really like the slightly grainy quality of the photograph. This burro, drinking at the edge of the water, makes me feel peaceful. Relaxed. Chill. Nice work, Stacey!

    Jay, there is something about this small boy running wildly through pigeons (what a quintessentially boy thing to do!) that makes me think of you. I feel that I would always know that it was you who took this picture.


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