above: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Monna McDiarmid.
below: Tallin, Estonia. Annie Dow.


  1. CONTEXT: The two Virgin Marys are looking out at us from a store window in Amsterdam; the photo was taken in the spring of 2008. I collect images and figurines of the Virgin Mary from different cultures but, sadly, this store was closed so a photo was the best I could do.

  2. CONTEXT: For some random coincidence, two huge cruise liners happened to be tethered to Tallin's baby dock on the same day. I thought that was funny, so I took a pic. i was just so impressed at how BIG they are in comparison to everything else in the picture, it's like you're walking between two huge white walls...

  3. Each picture contains two massive objects (massive meaning something different in each picture) divided by a vertical line. Fascinating pairing.

  4. I love the patterns in Annie's picture. It seems like there's no end to the windows and posts and fences.

    Nice job on avoiding the reflection of the camera on the top photograph.

  5. This pairing makes me think of all the female associations we have with boats. "Maiden" voyages, most ships being painted white, and referred to as "she". The figureheads that used to be carved on the prows of sailing ships. Very virginal indeed.


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