above: Monterrey, Mexico. Lucia Mijares.
below: Lisbon, Portugal. Damien Pitter.


  1. How convenient that people left graffiti-style messages of peace & love on two colour co-ordinated backgrounds on two continents. It seems there are days when the cosmos co-operates.

    And how weird that there's snow in the Mty pic!

  2. CONTEXT: Lisbon is kind of a brokedown palace of a city, not unlike Valparaiso Chile, where everything is in a constant state of simultaneous restoration and decay. Took this shot walking to the market. The wall tiles (though not these, in particular) are characteristic of Lisbon. They call them azulejos, and all the tiled surfaces make the city shine. I've become fascinated, and often amused, with second language graffiti. The slight difference between "believe yourself" and "believe in yourself" for example, is oddly charming in the way that only unwitting translation can be, especially when it is scrawled with the kind of audacity and bravado that graffiti implies.


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