above: Guadalajara, Mexico. Heather Dowd.
below: Nice, France. Santiago Rivera.


  1. I can afford to shop at the place on the top.

  2. Context: So why is it that I really like this photo? When it's a photo that any tourist would take? Well, simply because that room was extremly dark, and I was able to keep my camera still,with no tripod for over 6 seconds! Oh... and it's an old pharmacy!

  3. Context: Shopping in Guadalajara. We went to two shopping areas: kind of upscale (for Mexico) shops and the market. These glasses were at the market. Did you know that there are shipping companies in the upscale area that will collect all the goodies you buy and ship them home to you in one big crate? If I win the lotto, I'm going shopping in Guadalajara to furnish my house.


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