134, Updated

These photographs were all taken at 11:00pm (local time) on December 31st, 2008

from top:
Mendoza, Argentina. Jhan Graether.
Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Jocelyn Wiley.
Krakow, Poland. Damien Pitter.
Somewhere in Texas, USA. Lucia Mijares.
Krakow, Poland. Monna McDiarmid.
Monterrey, Mexico. Paulina Carlos.


  1. No, I did not spend the entire flight locked in the washroom taking pictures.

    Happy New Year, 14 Lenses!

  2. Let me get this...

    Damien hung out with the Easter bunny while Monna hung out with her fuzzy slippers?

    Great fun to see where everyone was at!

    Context: 2009 written with sparkler. 15" exposure. Most remarkable thing is the Mendoza central park was empty. Custom is to spend New Year's with family and start the party @ 2.

  3. Great shots - I was awake due to the sounds coming from my spirited little boy as he welcomed in 2009 for about 6 hours, and took a photo but them seemed to sleep through the early days of Jan and never got it onto the computer to email to DP! My photo was of a candle lit buddah in the corner of our apartment.

  4. Jhan,
    The party was only a couple of blocks away and this photo was taken at 11. I got out of there before the real madness started at midnight, but I did nip back out to see what was happening, and it was crazy. I couldn't get back into the plaza as the crowd had packed it full to spilling out into the side streets, and given the amount of alcohol spraying and glass-bottle breaking, combined with sspilled-liquids-turned-to-ice on the cobblestone in -10 weather, it didn't seem like the safest place to be.

    Peter - send me the photo anyway...I have more later submissions to add to this page (maybe this weekend). So send it along.

    And Joc, who knew airplane toilets look so spacious!

  5. Where are the other pics from?


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