above: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. Peter Cuthbert.
below: Copenhagen, Denmark. Annie Dow.


  1. Annie, please explain what we're looking at, I'm confused.

  2. It seems to me, from what I know about Annie, that she was hiding in the bushes - too afraid to go into the cathedral over there. :-)

    Why are you afraid Annie?

  3. hahahahahahahaha
    that comment made my morning...
    thanks mr. priebe.

  4. hahaha misread the captions I meant Peter's picture

    haha sorryyyyy

  5. This photo was taken one year to the day of the Tsunami that ravaged coastal Asia. This one beach(about 200m deep, and open to the ocean on the front and the back) was hit especially hard as limestone cliffs on either side funnelled the tower of water toward this low-lying sand spit stretched between two islands. This massive tree was the only thing left after the waters receded, and so it has become a symbol of life and hope for the villagers who live in this area.

  6. context: a cathedral, through some bushes.

    there's something "once upon a time"ish about it, for me. i wish however that you could see the river, my bad.


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