above: Tampico, Mexico. Guest Photographer, Carlos Diaz Barriga.
below: Santiago, Chile. Peter Cuthbert.


  1. Ali and I were visiting the Concho y Toro vineyard outside Santiago and I wanted to capture the idea of someone over-indulging in the wine tasting - it was only a coincidence that I was on my 6th sample. I held up the glass of Carmenere to the lens and shot the vines through it. If you'd like to try the best wine from this winery grab a bottle of Don Melchor Cab. Sav. and throw some lamb or ribeye on the grill. While the wine in Chile is fantastic, it still falls in the shadow of South American beef.


  2. We were taking a tour of my grandfather's ranch, it mainly included lots of cows and a few horses, but the horses were all of gorgeous color, my camera really did not do justice of the colors that day.

  3. I just love this combo. Horse's-eye view? Or a drunk toasting the horses? Or a drunken horse?


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