above: Antibes, France. Santiago Rivera.
below: Barcelona, Spain. Monna McDiarmid.


  1. Context: One of the many vans parked around the daily market at Antibes. How ever, none were as colorful or original as this van here. I wonder what kind of produce the owner of that car would sell...maybe mushrooms?

  2. Context (Below):
    An old barber's chair at the Gracia salon where I get my hair cut.

  3. Monna,
    Let me guess... too much hair in your eyes to see the focus ring?
    Seriously though.. in case you all didn't catch that I wasn't being serious... i love the out of focus stuff that you bring to our table...

    Me... I contribute the ellipsisses, ellipses, elipseses ? does anyone know the plural of ellipsis?

  4. Actually, "ellipses" sounds like something with which you could cut hair.

  5. You are right... not like anyone was doubting you...
    Ellipsis (pl. = Ellipses)
    Ellipse (pl. = Ellipsis)

    I would have guessed that it would be the other way around... but then I am only an engineering tech guy...

    ... isn't this a photography blog?


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