above: Damascus, Syria. Jocelyn Wiley.
below: Washington, DC, USA. Lucia Mijares.


  1. lucy, was this when we went to dc together?


  2. context: yes, this is in dc cooper. It's the top of one of the smithsonian museums right after Obama's inaguration speech.

  3. I think maybe I've been in the middle east too long. It strikes me that the Syria pic looks quite normal to me, and the DC pic looks ominous & threatening. I'm surrounded by guys wearing keffiyah every day, but black figures on top of some big DC building -- now that's scary. Anyhow, this is a tourist site in Damascus, which is still disputing its status as "oldest inhabited city in the world" with Aleppo, up the road.

  4. JW - I agree. The DC photo is disturbing because the black clothed people look like snipers to me. They probably are.


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