above: New York, New York, USA. Guest Photographer, Carlos Diaz Barriga.
below: Krakow, Poland. Monna McDiarmid.


  1. Prada store @ new york, in... soho? i think

  2. Two creepy postings in a row! (Monna, is he ok??) I would be far more freaked by this if I hadn't already been in recovery from the chicken feet yesterday. Although I must say I am relieved that you didn't pair the chicken feet with the Christ feet.

  3. What is Prada trying to turn us into? Who Wants to Be a Millionaire briefcase holders?

  4. Context (Below):
    This shot was taken in St. Mary's Basilica in Krakow. The brick Gothic church with its famous wooden altar piece is our favourite church in Europe and we've seen a few :-) We actually paid extra to be able to take photographs inside.
    Jocelyn - Damien is just fine. He says he works with what people send him. He had no idea that you would be so squeamish.


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