above: Brooklyn, New York, USA. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia.
below: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Jocelyn Wiley.


  1. Matching vanishing points! This is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, opened in 2007. Although non-Muslims are not allowed to enter mosques in the UAE, I can enter this one on tours run by the Abu Dhabi Tourist Authority. Room for 40,000 worshippers at a time. It contains the largest carpet in the world and the largest chandelier in the world. (No way could AD let the Omanis keep those records - previously held by their mosque in Muscat.) Speaking of which, Damien, could I respectfully request that you run an Oman pic before this is over? Gotta get some equal rep.

  2. Ms. Wiley, I love the light in your picture.

    Mine is only of the good old Brooklyn Bridge as seen from outside some warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn. The picture is a little shaky because I didn't use flash and have a very bad pulse, but I thought I could get away with it. There is a color effect on, which is why the bridge itself is in tones of gray, but the lights are yellowish.

  3. No such thing as a very bad pulse, Camila. It's not having a pulse that most people think of as very bad.

  4. I think you New York-based photographers are doing a great job at collecting funky shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. You should publish a calendar.

    And I don't even know what a pulse is (aside from the one in my body). I just take pictures when there's good light. My life is simple.

  5. The truth is, Joc, I don't look at where the photos are from until after I do the pairings and I need to label them, so the lack of an Omani shot is a matter of luck, not discrimination. But I checked your Oman photos anyway and didn't find them. I realized that I hadn't downloaded them from the email you sent. That has been rectified. So the chances of Oman appearing in the future are significantly better.


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