above: Paris, France. Damien Pitter.
below: Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia.


  1. Ah, Paris, where even the graffiti looks good.

    Nice shot out of the plane. I hope you were not using an electronic camera... b/c I am sure that before you landed they said, "Please switch off all electronic devices." :-)

  2. We were somewhere in the Marais (not far from the Red Wheelbarrow, I think) and I saw this graffiti. The woman had stopped for me to take the photo, but I waved her through. While she was walking, I thought it would look better with her in it; hence, she's a little surprised.
    It's interesting that some of the most compelling commentary on America that I've seen in Europe has been in the form of graffiti.


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