above: New Haven, CT, USA. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia.
below: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Jhan Graether.


  1. That's Rudy's. Possibly the best bar on earth. You will find the most random collection of regulars, a lot of sports pictures (especially rugby) and writing on every wooden surface (that means everywhere). They have the best fritz (fries) I have ever tried and about 20 different sauces to have with them.

    love the bottom photograph.

  2. is the photo at Rudy's adjusted in any way or was the light really that way?

    Has anyone ever tried a polarizing lens late at night?

  3. it is adjusted. the red does look like that - but the rest of the photograph has a black and white effect so only the red stands out.

    I used a polarizing lens at night by mistake once, but the film got exposed and the pictures didn't turn out so I never got to see the results.

  4. Well, I love the effect...

    Love the colors in the pairing...


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