above: New Haven, CT, USA. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia.
below: Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Jay Priebe.


  1. I know this looks just like a shot of a reflection on a beautiful lake portraying one of my favorite pastimes, but if you look really closely by the base of the tree in the shadow, you can see the front paw of a small black bear reading a book. I couldn't get him to smile, so I just took the picture of the lake instead. Perhaps this summer he will cooperate.

  2. Jay, when I saw this shot of yours come up in the always-surprising rotation of Damien-pairings, I thought... lovely. How lovely. Jay has four more days of school left... and perhaps this photo will help him through to summer. The thought of the Algonquins, a canoe, and a small black bear reading at the side of the lake. (What I want to know is what was the bear reading? Robertson Davies? Jane Austen? Do tell!) Happy almost-summer.


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