above: New York, New York, USA. Annie Dow.
below: Torres del Paine, Chile. Jhan Graether.


  1. context: central park, and i'm too lazy to get off the picnic blanket and go picture-taking.

    for some reason this felt very south american to me - the color of the green, i guess. i feel like this is the way DP's frame jungles in movies, so maybe i'm just picking up on THAT aesthetic instead of the real way south america (or whatever) feels like.

    it also feels like the girl with the backpack is the one leaving the trail of grass, not sure why. and the buildings look SO out of place to me, surrounded by the green.

  2. This is a wonderfully freaky photo, Annie. I continue to be struck by how original all the 14 Lenses pics of NYC are, given that it is such a photographed location. I like the combo of towering things in this pairing -- one unexpected, one expected.


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