above: Bangkok, Thailand. Guest Photographer, Yukiko Yoshimatsu.
below: Manchester, United Kingdom. Damien Pitter.


  1. the beginning of yukiko, welcome!

    this is a very cool match! the light on the facade and the texture of the elephant look reaaaally nice DP!

  2. why does the light look like that DP?

  3. Context: Taken in Manchester while I was there for a Adobe Flash training. The light is reflecting of a glass skyscraper across the street.

  4. I like how beautifully Damien has lined up these speckled things. Great, interesting photos.

    Welcome Yukiko.

  5. Youkoso Yukiko! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    I love the speckle theme.

    How was Adobe Flash training DP? I would love to be a Flash expert, but all I can do are motion tweens! Darn action scripting...

  6. Hello! Thank you for letting me be part of this. This is awesome!
    Kochirakoso yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    I love your picture Mr! the light being reflected on the building looks really funky.


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