above: Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania, USA. Santiago Rivera.
below: Phophonyane Falls Lodge, Swaziland. Heather Dowd.


  1. Context: When you visit Swaziland, Africa, you must visit Phophonyane Falls Lodge. It is one of my friend Stepanie's favorite places in Swaziland. This photo was taken at sunrise near the pool. The waterfall was a short hike down the hill.

  2. Context: Last spring I started experimenting with a Holga Camera, which uses a large negative. This however, is just a photo of the camera.

  3. I love my Holga! But, geesh, it's a pain to develop film. :) I still have rolls from 3 years ago sitting in my drawer. Anyone know of a good developer who I can mail my film to and they'll develop and scan it?


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