Week 58

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Carlos Diaz Barriga. 2. Amarillo, Texas, USA. April Johnson. 3. Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla. 4. Durban, South Africa. Camila Garcia. 5. Phillip Island, Australia. Paulina Carlos. 6. St.Andrew's, Scotland. Peter Cuthbert. 7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jocelyn Wiley. 8. Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Jay Priebe. 9. New York, New York, USA. Annie Dow. 10. Siena, Italy. Monna McDiarmid. 11. Brooklyn, New York, USA. Santiago Rivera. 12. Rock Falls, Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd. 13. Paris, France. Damien Pitter. 14. Acapulco, Mexico. Stacey Lindbloom.


  1. wow some of these pictures are amazing.

  2. April - your pic is a texan classic! Love it!

    Joc - so peaceful, just looking at your photo is theraputic!

    Thanks all - some bold colors!

  3. Heather, this child, and your photograph of her, are so beautiful. Brilliant work!

    Lovely set of 14 shots. Happy-making. I am still digging this format, folks. What about you?

  4. waaaa i love the pics.
    april, your pic is awesomeeee
    mc d, loves your tooo
    carlos, groovy dizziness

    i like this format :}

  5. Some very striking pictures. Sometimes it is hard to decide where to look first!
    Heather I really liked your picture -the little bit of color is really great.
    If anyone needs me I will be in Jay's canoe.

  6. Beautiful white linen hanging inches above the dirt... Must make some people crazy seeing that... I love the new format. It is a bit of a binge though, then I have to wait all the way until next week to get some satisfaction...

  7. I also like the format. (And I like entering my comment on the same page instead of a new window!) My eyes don't know where to look. I just read a visual literacy article about how your eyes scan an image and figure out the important information. Master visual thinkers (designers and artists) scan differently than amateurs. I found that interesting.

    Gorgeous gorgeous color this week. I love scrolling quickly and just noticing color.

    The child in my photo is my cousin's daughter. She is beautiful...inside and outside.


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