Week 64

1. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd. 2. Berlin, Germany. Santiago Rivera.
3. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Carlos Diaz Barriga. 4. Vienna, Austria. Lucia Mijares.
5. Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla. 6. Dallas, Texas, USA. April Johnson.
7. Tuscany, Italy. Monna McDiarmid. 8. Torquay, Australia. Paulina Carlos.
9. Istanbul, Turkey. Jocelyn Wiley. 10. Ungasan, Bali. Peter Cuthbert.
11. Mexico City, Mexico. Stacey Lindbloom. 12. Krakow, Poland. Damien Pitter.


  1. April, is that Midway still operational? It reminds me of that show that used to be on HBO, Carnival.


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