Week 85

1. Rock Falls, Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd. 2. New York, New York, USA. Carlos Diaz Barriga.
3. Mitaka, Japan. Yukiko Yoshimatsu. 4. Galway, Ireland. Jocelyn Wiley.
5. Waxahachie, Texas, USA. April Johnson. 6. Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. Peter Cuthbert.
7. Nice, France. Monna McDiarmid. 8. New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Camila Garcia.
9. Lorne, Australia. Paulina Carlos. 10. Szentendre, Hungary. Damien Pitter.
11. Bangalore, India. Annie Dow. 12. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. Jay Priebe.


  1. Fantastic contrasts in both composition and content! Can I get a "hell yeah" for more black and whites?

  2. You got one hell yeah from me. I suspect that Jhan would if he is still with us... I have not been submitting many B&W, so I guess damien has had to wait to get all these collected from us...

  3. Not so much with the waiting. I just took some liberties and made a few of them black and white. Hope no one minds.

  4. I like this black and white theme!

  5. hell yeah.
    i don't mind at all.

  6. oh yeah!!! loveeeeeeee this!!


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