above: New York, USA. Lucia Mijares
below: Minocqua, Wisconsin, USA. Jhan Graether


  1. Lucy, was your shot taken from outside a store window? I am forever taking similar photos... of glass in Venice or fans in Sevilla. The truth is that I am always trying to take a shot as interesting as this one! Nice!

  2. Jhan, this is an incredible photo. I don't really get where the camera was. Can you explain?

  3. fab fab fab, lucy I loveee it, the color is amazing

  4. Lucy, is that a mirror in the back giving your pieces a 360 view, or are you shooting through a shelf? Great work with the depth of field in this photo.

    Context: This massive frog was swimming at the bottom. Unseasonably arm water must have made him lazy ‘cuz he was an easy catch. I think I pulled a muscle lifting him into the canoe! The idea for this photo was to get an upward shot from the floor of the canoe, giving him the size perspective that this dude deserves. Neat add-on bonus of this perspective was the blue sky and canoe seat, which added imagery of a beautiful sunny day on the lake. As cute as he was, he was little better than a doorstop in the paddling department, LAZY. So, he was returned to the lake.

  5. I took this picture at the Moma... the little pots are sitting on a clear glass shelf. There are maybe 3 more shelves filled with the same style pots below this one.

    Jhan, i looove the frog.


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