above: Monterrey, Mexico. Annie Dow.
below: Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, USA. Jocelyn Wiley.


  1. Annie - I remember this shot from when we were at ASFM. Still one of my all-time favorites!
    Joc - Beautiful.
    I like how the leaves bouncing up of the trampoline feel a bit like they're growing off the shadow of the tree.

  2. Hi Annie and Jocelyn!
    This pairing reminds me of childhood... of long, relaxing summers... of that lovely, too-short time in our lives before we had any real responsibilities. So beautiful!

  3. The Kentucky pic is actually from a reconstructed Shaker village. I'm starting to think I have a Christopher Pratt-like attraction to planks. (See Damien's comments on my Sept 4 pic).


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