above: Ushibuka, Kumamoto, Japan. Heather Dowd.
below: Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla.


  1. Heather, your photo makes me want to swim in this cool water. (It is VERY hot in Barcelona in early September.)
    Analucia, this shot is a wonderful invitation to climb this tree.

  2. I like how the lines in this pair mirror each other. How the lines (ropes) that moor the boat are mirror images of branches of the tree, spreading out at the same angles the same breadth.
    Analucia, I have tried to take this photo many times (not this tree in particular, but this view up a tree) and I have never quite gotten it. But you have done it beautifully. Cheers!

  3. I also like how the sky is sort of blank in both shots. It sews them together I think. I like how the pier in the background of Heather's shot just seems to be floating in nothing as the reflection on the water and the sky become the same, somewhere out there in the distance. Really great.


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