above: Carmona, Spain. Sofia Millares.
below: Rouleau, Saskatchewan, Canada. Monna McDiarmid.


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  2. The photos are absolutely sensational. I just love travelling and would love to do a lot more of it, but looking at your photos gives me an indication of what some of these countries are like.
    Love the angles of a lot of them.

  3. gorgeous pic Miss!!!
    sofi, LOVE LOVE it :D

  4. Monna, great color!

    Sofia, since when do they have street signs for planes saying no passing? Makes me smile.

  5. @Murcha
    Thanks for your comment. We hope you visit us often!

    @ Analucia and @Jhan
    Thanks for commenting on the colour of this shot. I was, once upon a time... a time not so long ago... deeply opposed to cropping and editing my photos because it felt like cheating. I'm so over it! I have (pretty clearly) begun to mess around with the "effects" and "adjust" features on i-photo and Damien is teaching me how to use Photo Shop. Now I get that we're just using this lovely software to accomplish the same effects for which the students used chemicals in the dark room at ASFM. In fact, I've embraced it :-)


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