above: Beijing, China. Peter Cuthbert.
below: Florence, Italy. Annie Dow.


  1. So I look at the top photo and I'm aware of my nose because it looks like I'm looking through something, you know, like my nose is right there, and then I look at the bottom photo and all the pinnochio's have long noses. I don't really have a point here, do I?

  2. Sure, you do. It's the point on the end of your nose.

  3. Okay, enough points have been made regarding Annie's Pinnochios... which, by the way, transport me immediately to Rome and Florence. Nice job!
    Pete, tell us about this shot. It appears to have been taken through the wooden slats of a door or the shutter of a window. What kind of interior is this? Is it a home? I love the colours and textures and that beautiful burst of green.

  4. I took this shot through what appeared to be a letter slot in an old chinese door. If you go to Beijing you must stop in at the Pass-by Bar(http://www.passbybar.com/bar/bar.htm). Their motto, “better travel than dead”, resonated with me. I chatted with the local owner who does these unreal mountain bike trips across Nepal and then back into China. On these adventures, he takes these fantastically grainy, raw, black and white photos that you see on the walls. A tremendously unique place for a cold Tsingtao and an ingenuous moment!


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