above: Kobe, Japan. Heather Dowd.
below: Palo Alto, California. Paulina Carlos.


  1. Heather, I am curious about how you were able to get this shot? It is gorgeous.
    Paulina - for me, your photo is all about being young. Very cool perspective.
    I love the repetition of the gravel in both shots.

  2. I find my eye being attracted by small motifs with the details. The round shapes of the clock and the guage in the top photo with the keychain and the basketball in the bottom photo. The chain in the top with the chain in the bottom. The gravel in both. I also like how the angle that the person is standing on sort of mirrors the angle that the tracks are leading away at in the top photo.
    It's interesting too, that the basket ball almost looks like is a real sized ball, beside the person's feet. It's a great illusion.

  3. Paulina, I like the illusion of the big hand and small feet. It almost looks like the hand and feet are from two different people.

    The train shot was taken on my way to some hot springs in Kobe. I was standing at the front of the train and there was a little window between me and the train driver. I am fascinated by taxi, train, and bus drivers in Japan, because they are always dressed crisply and on time.

  4. and the gloves, Heather, the gloves. Taxi drivers & bus drivers & traffic cops have white gloves, never a spot on them.

  5. JW - That, I cannot explain. But, it is just as you say, spotless gloves, all over Japan.


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