above: Syracuse, New York, USA. Stacey Lindbloom.
below: Lo Barnichea, Chile. Jhan Graether.


  1. It took me a good fifteen minutes to see what the top photo is of! It was starting to drive me a bit nuts to be truthful! Thanks for that...

  2. And this from the guy who won't reveal the mystery of the colours from day 6!
    Of course, I don't know exactly what it is either. But I like it! I like that the light source in the top photo seems to be coming from the focal point of the bottom photo. And I love the way the gold above picks up the gold and shimmer in the birds plumage.
    Jhan, I would love to know how you got this shot. Very long lens?

  3. it caught my breath. the shot of the hummingbird is so serene, and yet shows such power and strength all wrapped up in something so small and beautiful. the upper shot, the gold one...is it a gold-plated cup? so beautiful.
    what a great way to start the day!

  4. DP,
    I know what the colors from day 6 are from... if you will tell me what the first photo is. I think I know, but for all I know it could be an ankle x-ray image...

  5. Stacey,
    Please (please) tell us about your photo. My mom e-mailed me from Ottawa yesterday to say, "I cannot figure out what that top photo is - the gold one that looks like it might be a bowl. What is it?" The e-mail is actually entitled "14 Lenses #18"... not "Hello, Lovely Daughter" or something like that.

    Stacey, for the love of Pete (Cuthbert) and my mother and Jay and Damien and me (and everyone else who wants to know but has not written a comment or an e-mail YET) please spill!

  6. After I tell you, you'll probably realize that it's quite simple...and the answer is....(drumroll).... a glass of water with ice and the light is a table candle illuminating from the back of the glass. It was a quite a nice treat to find such a picture after dinner. My favorite part is the tiny condensation that formed at the bottom combined with the bubbles within...it looks as if something were oozing out...pretty funky.

  7. That's so cool! I totally didn't see that at all. I thought it was something coated in gold leaf in a museum display case or something. I can see it now, but before, I had no idea. That's espectacular!

  8. STACEY! That's a beautiful picture! Haha like you said, pretty funky! I didn't understand what it was until I read your comment! This is a great site btw.. -Moni

  9. I didn't think anyone would cave and spill the beans! I'm making a pact never to "shoot and tell"! Who is with me?

  10. jhan: aweoms picture! great colors, nice framing, everthing! :)
    stacey: it took me FOREVER until a friend helped me discifer your pic... haahahha awesome dude! :)

    i'm with the shoot and don't tell! :)

  11. Someone was looking over my shoulder when I was looking at this post, and we spent more than a few minutes discussing both photos. I didn't see a glass with ice at first, but she did. I thought it was a carbonated drink...the top looks like fizz. Stacey, your picture reminds me of those close up macro pictures they used to put in kids magazines (maybe Highlights) and you had to guess what it was. I just spent 5 minutes on google trying to find what they were called, but I can't find it. Hey, maybe we should have a theme week of macro photos. It would be a fun guessing game.


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