above: Marseille, France. Santiago Rivera.
below: Venice, Italy. Damien Pitter.


  1. Santi's shot is such a great partner for my faceless Maria. Nice pairing, Monna!
    First Santi's shot is great on its own. I love the sense of size - the fishing boat tiny against that indomitable face of rock, and it's a great face, too, like an old wise man, weathered and wrinkled and maybe scarred but still so very very present.
    But I also love how these shots fit together. The positive space filled by Maria's head fits right into the negative space of that kind of concave impression in Santi’s rock face.
    It reminds me of the Blackfoot creation stories about Old Man Napi: "He made the Milk River and crossed it; being tired, he went up on a little hill and lay down to rest. As he lay on his back, stretched out on the grass with his arms extended, he marked his figure with stones. You can see those rocks today, they show the shape of his body, legs, arms and hair….As he gazed over the country, he was greatly pleased by it. Looking at the steep hill below him, he said to himself, ‘This is a fine place for sliding. I will have some fun.’ And he began to slide down the hill. The marks where he slid are to be seen yet, and the place is known to all the Blackfeet tribes as ‘Old Man's Sliding Ground.’" (I can't hyperlink in a comment but whole story is here: http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/Blackfoot-Creation-Story-Blackfoot.html) I just like the idea of our geographical features being the result of the passing of creator-gods in the world, and that's what this pairing reminds me of.

  2. I loved the space in Santiago's photo too. The blue is so intense. I can feel the wind in my face and hear the slap of the waves on the boat. Great photo! -april johnson
    Sitting in humid Texas wishing she was on Riviera.

  3. "DP" is for "Deep Person".

    Seriously, though, I walked 4 blocks in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Just to the mall & back. I was mentally framing shots the whole time. This pairing is really beautiful in a colour-quiet kinda way.

  4. I just love how we are all in different places taking pictures of different things and yet when the pictures are side by side, comparisons can be made in shape, content, and color.

    DP - Australian Aboriginal culture has many stories similar to the one you wrote about here. I immediately thought of my time in Australia when I read your comment.

  5. hihihihi deep person :)
    it is a very good pair of pictures!
    awesome colors :)

    amd i love the blinded virgin :}


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