above: New York, New York, USA. Sofia Millares.
below: Route 66, Oklahoma, USA. Jocelyn Wiley.


  1. I love the beautiful, saturated color! You can find beauty in any kind of place and that is shown here. The contrast between urban and rural and cool and warm colors is what stands out to me the most.

  2. sofi: LOVE IT. omg.
    ms wiley: lovely!! its so bare and straight to the point. lovely lovely :}

  3. Sofi and Jocelyn,
    I love both shots on their own and I am wild about the pairing.

    Sofi, there's a wonderful weirdness in this photo. You have captured both the chaos of city life (the "busyness" at street level) and the wide blue sky beyond the signs and skyscrapers. Nice!

    Jocelyn, I was struck by the heart-breaking bleakness of your shot. I can't help but wonder about the history of this building and the hope that people must have felt when it was new.


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