above: Paris, France. Santiago Rivera.
below: Huasteca Canyon, Monterrey, Mexico. Jay Priebe.


  1. I fear I've silenced DP with my smarty-pants remarks. Where's the incisive analysis we've all come to expect in 23 short days???

    Santi, love all those reflections. Good eye. It's interesting to look at the small version of the pairings on Archive as I find I can often see shared patterns that aren't quite so obvious to me on the full size version. That is one freaky bug shot, Jay.

    Last night I attended a talk about bird life on Socotra island off Yemen...beautiful photos. Check out http://invision-images.com/archive/latest%20stories/stories/socotra which has some pics of weird plants like Dragon's Blood Tree.

  2. Of course, hours after I attended the above-mentioned talk, extremists bombed the U.S. embassy in Yemen, so I wouldn't recommend visiting Socotra. Did I mention that I live in the most stable country in the Gulf?
    -- JW in the UAE

  3. Not silenced, JW. Just really really busy. I like this pairing because for me the pairing totally changes my perception of the photos. Jay's shot is really about nature, as untamed and uncontrolled as it can be, but when I look at it under that glass pyramid of the Louvre, those insects are suddenly contained for me, caged, and in that context the natural battle becomes a competition under a glass dome, a spectator blood-sport. And then when you consider that the Louvre pyramid hovers over great art, then it makes art out of blood-sport.
    I also love the reflections in Santi's photo - the sky in the pyramid and then the pyramid on the building. These are both great shots.

  4. Atta boy. Nice to have you back. And you of course wrote something I never would've thought of.


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