above: Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd.
below: Yosemite, California, USA. Paulina Carlos.


  1. Great pairing! The bottom picture could be the child's view in the top picture.

  2. I love the top picture! The water pouring over the child looks so interesting.

  3. i love the bottom picture.... i really feel the motion... it makes me dizzy.... i also like how the texture of the water and the texture of the dizzy trees match.

  4. One of the most interesting pairings yet. Love the similar textures.

  5. Yeah, I love this pairing too. But for me it isn't any similarity in the textures, which I actually didn't notice until Monna pointed it out, but the contrast in moments. This pairing is like a textbook example comparing two ways to capture movement in a photo - the first, to freeze motion, here in a moment that could only have lasted a second, when that film of water is unbroken over the child's shoulder, reflecting the sky in a perfect gloss - and the second way to photograph motion, to slow the shutter and let the movement blur. In this case, I love how the motion is radial, around a tree that isn't moving as much. It's how I look up at trees, often kind of turning under their canopy, but here, you actually have the motion represented. I also like how the blues connect the photos, as a medium in which the subjects are swimming, and the eye-popping yellow and purple in the top shot. I like the look of this kid - the lines of the goggles, the slightly pinched brow and defined jawlines - looks a bit like a superhero to me.


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