above: St. Petersburg, Russia. Annie Dow.
below: Florence, Italy. Damien Pitter.


  1. Annie - brilliant use of the rule of thirds...there is something about rust that is so appealing (unless it is on your car I suppose).

    DP - Fantastic juxtaposition... well done with the depth of field here.

  2. Great pairing! It has me thinking about art and what we consider appealing.
    Pete, I agree about the rust. I was looking at a Barcelona roof from a third floor apartment last evening and the patches of red rust were weirdly beautiful.
    Damien took his photo just outside the Uffizi in Florence. It makes me so happy that I want to blow it up and frame it! (I probably will.)

  3. woaaah, LOVE DP's picture (can i use that? i like that...DP)!!

    it's one of those things where you have absolutely NO clue what it is but can't help but stare at it anyway? and although I'm assuming the foreground and the background are not part of the same object, the contrast between them is so harsh that it's almost like they could be...

    is that a bike??

  4. Thanks for your comments kids. Annie, you're right - the foreground and background are not the same object, but they are the same scene - it's a natural photograph, whatever that means. If you have a high need for it to make sense, think of the right side as the bottom and park it in front of the Uffizi gallery in Florence.
    I love those oil drums (which are too short to be oil drums, I think) in your shot. Color and texture. The blue and the rust, but also the white numbers and it looks like you took the photo near sunset because the light reflected at the right is also a rusty dusk. I like the way the dark numbers written vertically contrast with the white ones written horizontally and I love that I have no idea what they mean. It's like looking at a foreign language that's warmly familiar. I know it means something to someone, but it is a mystery to me, the signs of lives unseen.

  5. yeah i heart rust...and i hadn't even SEEN the black numbers, they are kind of bizarre...

    aaactually this picture was taken at the same dock where i took the sunset picture posted a couple of weeks back, so yeah...blue/red/orange awesomeness!


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