above: Monterrey, Mexico. Jhan Graether.
below: Syracuse, New York, USA. Stacey Lindbloom.


  1. This combination is really neat, it looks as if the baseballs could flow into the valley/center part of the picture above...:)

  2. the fact that both photogs can achieve a deep sense of verticality in almost impossibly horizontal (or "landscape") pictures is kind of incredible...it's not even that there's depth (although there is), it's just that there's so much HEIGHT!

  3. These photos seem to me like they ought to be part of the same landscape. The land in the first shot as that worn sort feel, like the baseballs in the second (or maybe it's the other way around). I love the peak you can just see in the distance of Jhan's shot. I don't know what these pieces of metal are - a gate, maybe - but the one on the left looks like the prow of some ship that has no right being in a desert (semi-arid temperate whatever zone...sorry Monterrey). The piece on the right is corrugated so it looks like a metal sail from some other ship-beached-in-the-desert.
    And Stacey, I do love those baseballs. The texture is so clear, I can feel them in my hands when I look at your photo. Good stuff. Cheers!

  4. This pairing works in such an unexpected way. Are we on a rust streak (sorry, couldn't resist) these days?

  5. There is a timeless nature to both of these photos that makes them appeal on a sentimental level; a reminder of simplier times.


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