above: New York, New York, USA. Sofia Millares.
below: Rio de los Cipreses, Rancagua, Chile. Jhan Graether.


  1. such an unexpected paring but I love it, it works so good! the contrast of the black and white and the colors of Jhan's picture creates such a balance.. Its perfect!!

  2. sofi: super crazy pic! love the perspective!!!
    jhan: GORGEOUS colors!!!!

  3. Bold contrast of the natural world against the man-made skyline.

  4. The top picture looks so very 1920's, but I suppose they didn't have border's then!

  5. I thought it was sign for Borders too at first, but then what it really says is ordes, or ...or Des..
    I still don't know what it is a sign for. Maybe Sofi will tell us. The thing I love about this shot is the perspective. We see lots of signs, but usually the letters are vertical, not horizontal, so seeing building stand up in the background this way is really interesting. Again, I suspect this is a shot that works better in black and white than it would in color.
    Contrasted with a shot in which the color is so rich and in a way, unexpected. I've never been able to take these great animal shots, but I love looking at yours, Jhan.

  6. This comment comes weeks later, but the letters in Sofi's picture come from Parsons School of Design. They are on a building on 13th street near 5th ave (I walked by it today, that's how I recognized it in the photograph). They are on the outside of the building, above the doors, substituting what would usually be a small rooftop above an entrance.

    Both pictures are fantastic!


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