above: Barcelona, Spain. Damien Pitter.
below: Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla.


  1. D-loved your photo - the blurr of colors is beautiful! -april

  2. The foot smacking the water really made me feel like going straight to a pool or beach and getting in to be refreshed. I also realized that there is beauty in anything around us if we just simplify. Blue water, colorful foot, action... lovely.

  3. thanxz mr. priebe! (can't get outta the habit of calling teachers mr and ms hahaha)
    i'm happy you share my views in finding beauty and simplicity in everything :)

  4. Damien - your picture reminds me of Easter in Antigue, Guatemala...the parades at night.

    Analucia - I love the blue and red color contrast. I always love that color scheme.

  5. I love the footprint in the clear blue freshness of the water.

    Remembering the parade at which Damien took these shots makes me happy. The festival was called Sant Medir and the parade went right by our building in Barcelona. People on floats from our district (neighbourhood) of Gracia were throwing candies into the crowds and our neighbours were catching the caramelos in an umbrella that they had rigged up and kept lowering to the street. My mom was visiting and she and I watched from our balcony while Damien went down onto the street with his camera. It was pretty magical, actually.


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