above: Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia. Annie Dow.
below: Ixtapa, Mexico. Jay Priebe.


  1. Two views of contemplation. Light has so much symbolic value -- light of learning, enlightenment, we talk about things "dawning" on us as we realize the facts. These photos are very still & full of light.

  2. Two completely different ways to portay light. Both beautifully done.

  3. Light certainly is part of it, but I also think it is about space. There is a lot of empty space in both of these photos. The size of the doors in Annie's shot, the height of the ceilings, how small the person is in that space, and the same idea in Jay's photo, where we only see the feet of people. Their reflections and shadows have a larger presence than they do, not unlike the shadows in Annie's shot. So I think the calm comes from light and space. Nice work.

  4. Both shots are so lovely. The photos make me want to BE in those spaces, wander around for a while. Thanks Annie and Jay.

  5. CONTEXT: This was a pretty standard shot of a couple silhouetted against a sunset. The reason I submitted it for 14 Lenses was that when I cropped the vertical composition to horizontal, I realized that the reflected sihouette was richer in texture, which appealed to me.

    Also, you can't argue with Monna's reason for liking the photo... I want to be there too!


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