above: Morelia, Mexico. Peter Cuthbert.
below: Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla.


  1. I feel like there's a bad joke in here somewhere, something about a cat and roadkill. Looks like kitty got knocked down by all those streaming lights. And before you start, I am, in fact, a cat lover. Cat adorer, even.

  2. The definition and detail is great in both!

  3. or maybe she's overwhelmed by the pretty lights and is deciding when it's best to strike :)

  4. I think kitty is just zonked out after lifting all those weights... (background) Peter, amazing color and detail... Do you have the shutter speed, lens, f-stop, etc.? Point and shoot or SLR?

  5. It's the color that gets me in this pairing. It's like they are made from the same color palette, just with the pixels arranged differently.
    The perspective sort of matches, too, which I think is one of the reasons the pairing works so well.


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