above: New York, New York, USA. Sofia Millares.
below: Rock Falls, Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd.


  1. Looks like a tree with some great personality (and the all-seeing eye - the knot). Nice texture. Great shots, you two.

  2. It sounds like I originally wrote something obscene & then thought better of it. Actually, I had a typo. So, I'll try again: Heather's shot instantly made me think of Blair Witch Project. Sofia's got a Batman sky. Love those verticals in both.

  3. I'm starting to wonder how much differently I would see these pairings if they were side by side, rather than one over the other. Here I see something about the foundations of the city, built over top of natural roots, a skyline of towers replacing a skyline of trees. Because the lower photo is close-up (lacking context) and also black and white, it feels like carbon to me, like coal, which is the industrial basis for the creation of that city skyline. I like the contrast of color and black and white, color suggesting our present, black and white connoting the past. The continuity between them comes, as JW said, from the strong vertical lines.

    The pairing reminds me of Anne Michaels' poem "There Is No City That Does Not Dream": "The lost lake/crumbling in the hands of brickmakers,/the floor of the ravine where light lies broken/with the memory of rivers...Dinosaurs sleep in the subway/at Bloor and Shaw, a bed of bones/under the rumbling track. The storm/that lit the city with the voltage/of spring, when we were eighteen/on the clean earth." Yum.

    Sofi, where did you take this photo from? It seems that you were pretty high up, but also far away from the other skyscrapers, which seems unusual since skyscrapers are usually pretty close together.

  4. DP, I was thinking the same thing. The tree is what is holding the city up.

    A friend told me that she liked my picture of the old tree this weekend. It's interesting that you connect the tree with the past also. Actually, that tree is a fairly young tree in my front yard. It's amazing what you can do with light!

  5. The photo was actually taken from my apartment window. Its the ninth floor it not that high up after living on the 44 floor on my previous apartment.
    And it does look like a Batman sky look. Its funny that you mention that cuz I sometimes look at the city divided by super heroes. Midtown is Spiderman, Downtown (specially financial district) is Batman and uptown is superman.

    The texture on the tree is amazing I feel like I can touch it and the verticals that makes you constantly draw your eye up and down the picture is great.

  6. sofi: the clouds look amazing!! really goth and creepy.
    the tree bark does look like u could touch it right now...pure nature.

  7. Come visit me in Illinois and you can both touch the tree for real!

  8. uuuu yessss!!! :D
    i miss uuu :(


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