above: Eze, France. Santiago Rivera.
below: Singapore. Peter Cuthbert.


  1. Context: This sculpture is part of a series of sculptures showing women in different stages in life, sort of like some mystical muse. They are placed at the Botanical Garden in the small town of Eze, about 30min west of Nice, France.

    Congratulations Peter!! Beautiful baby! :D

  2. Context: Love in human form. Our boy was born by Caesarean at 12:16 p.m. in Singapore on Oct. 7th. Ali and Miles are doing well, thanks so much for adding Miles to 14 lenses and for all your lovely messages.

  3. Cuthbert, was just eating dinner with Mike Johnston tonight. He said that you guys were doing well and that the baby looks great on skype. Nicely done. Hope to see you in Canada this summer or maybe here in BKK if you are coming up for a conference.


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