above: Kyoto, Japan. Heather Dowd.
below: Aguilar, Dr. Arroyo, Mexico. Stacey Lindbloom.


  1. CONTEXT: I took the shot when I went on a mission during this past Semana Santa. The two chairs with the wood beam form an improvised goal post at the local elementary school. A really neat glow appears in the background, created by the early morning haze/fog.

  2. I like both of these images very much. I like that they are almost negatives of each other. The light tree in the dark, the dark tree in the light. I'm happy to know that the chairs in the bottom photo are a soccer goal. Both photos are celebratory, it seems.

  3. CONTEXT: I had 24 hours in one of my favorite places in Japan - Kyoto. I arrived by bullet train in the morning with my camera around my neck. I walked from site to site all day taking pictures and celebrating my return to Japan, my second home. When it got dark, it started raining and I found myself in Maruyama Park with my camera on a tripod and an umbrella over the camera. My legs were sore and I was soaked, but I was determined to capture what I came to see. I ended my night in a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan) with a hot bath. It was a good day.


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