above: Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla.
below: San Francisco, California, USA. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia


  1. context: I took this picture somewhere on a beach in San Francisco. That bridge in the background is the Golden Gate, but you couldn't actually see most of it because of the fog (even though it's the middle of July). I really like the quality that the fog gives to all the pictures that I took that day.

  2. well, since everybody's contexting their pics i might as well...hahaha
    it's a fly in a fountain of jamaica :)

  3. See, Analucia, it's essential that we know it's JAMAICA. Otherwise, it just ain't Mexican. :)

  4. Analucia, I'm with Jocelyn. I want to know that it's jamaica juice. Poor little fly... he's toast!

    Camila - Welcome to 14 Lenses. Your shot is beautifully wistful and reminds me of days gone by, all ghosty and difficult to hold on to.

  5. Camila, I also love what the fog does in your picture. It could have been something that made you disappointed you couldn't get a clear picture, but instead it adds so much that a clear picture wouldn't have.

    Analucia, I thought it was a watermelon at first. I am happy to know it is jamaica also!

  6. Who is that really good looking guy all philosophical on that beach?


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