above: Yosemite, California, USA. Paulina Carlos.
below: Valencia, Spain. Damien Pitter.


  1. CONTEXT: Taken in the Cuidad del las Artes y Ciencias in Valencia on our school cultural trip. During a short gap in our schedule, the students took a few minutes to relax. And nothing says relax like blue jeans and red sneakers.

  2. context: picture of a waterfall inside Yosemite Park. the wind and heat of the place evaporated and blew off the water before it could fall onto anything. Taken from the very bottom with a lot of ZOOM!

  3. Paulina, I love the light in your shot and the careless way water vapor floats away. The whole waterfall glows like a lightbulb. It's extraordinary.

  4. Paulina, I thought the water was snow, but then I wondered where it was coming from. Beautiful light.

    Damien, I immediately thought of the Marco in Monterrey when I looked at your picture even before I read your comment.


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