above: West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Analucia Padilla.
below: Florence, Italy. Monna McDiarmid.


  1. Books! Beautiful! Also love the carousel Monna. I want to ride the carousel then meander through the stacks and find a great book to curl up with. :0 -april

  2. Context: One Florence evening in August, Damien and I ate dinner at a restaurant called Trattoria Nella (we recommend the panna cotta for dessert - amazing!) and then took a long stroll through the city on our way back to the hotel. A young woman was singing opera music and we stopped to listen. Then we found this carousel.
    I took 20 shots in order to get two that I like... but photography is like that. I especially love the two couples here... one in the bottom left hand corner of the shot and the other on the right. They are perfectly clear while everything else is a decadent blur.

  3. context: in west lafayette...the largest store in the town...this section of the store was full of old and used books. i noticed all the bookshelves were kinda funky so i took the pic and came out with a cool, dizzy effect.

    so i love the pairing of our two pics since they both make me dizzy :)

  4. Analucia, you are so right. Both photos make me dizzy but in a good way!


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