above: St. Flour, France. Sanitiago Rivera.
below: Rincon de Guayabitos, Mexico. Peter Cuthbert.


  1. CONTEXT: As I drove back from southern Auvergne with my parents and my friend Maria, I saw this bridge off the highway. Turns out it was build by Gustave Eiffel.

    I mentioned I would have liked to photograph it, but understood it was too late and my dad was tired.

    After driving all day, my dad kept driving, found the nearest U turn and drove back, about 15 minutes the direction we were going and another 15 back. When Maria realized why we had turned back, she said "This is truly what a father does for love." We both got down, and each took a photo. We got back in the car and continued our way back to Issoire.

  2. It's a beautiful photo Santiago. The story behind it makes it even better.

  3. This is the line that gets me: "This is truly what a father does for love."

    Nice blowfish, papa Pete!

  4. Well, there is nothing about the context of my photo of a blowfish that is even remotely in the same league of human emotion as Santiago's, that is for certain. In fact, the real photographic context is probably going to take away from any redeeming features someone might find in it! So how about this? CONTEXT: I took this photo of a live blowfish while in Rincon de Guyabitos right before I succumbed to the worst food poisoning of my life on the drive back to MTY and had to spend the night in a two-bed hospital, in a one-horse town, that had approximately 20'000 wild dogs.

    While we are on the topic of a parent's lover, I will say that I had no idea how much, and how deeply my parents love me until we had Miles. It is now something that I think about daily.

  5. Hey, Peter, leave my parents' lovers out of this...

  6. Pete, what I find adorable is that you were sentimental even before Miles was born!


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