above: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia.
below: Kapodokya, Turkey. Jay Priebe.


  1. CONTEXT: Late afternoon hike through a conyon with brooding clouds and one spot of sunlight.

    Side Story: This was one of those situations where you are not lost because you can see exactly where you need to go off in the distance, but hopelessly lost because most trails ended in death defying traverses of crumbly sandstone. Apparently, the hike turned out alright as I managed to bring this picture back...

  2. context: The Game 2006. Yale won (34-13) the Ivy league championship after 5 years of straight losses against Harvard.
    Sad to say the following year the Yale team was undefeated and then lost at home 37-6 against the crimson.
    Bad football, but awesome energy in those stadiums.


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